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Is it possible for a man to have a good erection without invasive and expensive medication? Sure it is, because the Chinese people have been doing good things with an appreciation for thousands and thousands of years. They have a lot of choices of things that can help how to stay erect longer. These things have been a bit overlooked and few know that there are ways that those in the Mediterranean, too, have found ways to maintain an erection with natural products.

The Pistachio Nut

Every Mediterranean man has known about the power and abilities of the Pistachio nut to enhance the strength of the erection, especially when combined with honey. The Pistachio is chock full of several kinds of micro nutrients and most of these enhancement the male sexual response and are how to stay erect longer.

An ounce of roasted dry pistachios contains about 165 calories, along with six grams of protein and seven grams of carbohydrates. It also contains 14 grams of fat that is necessary to make testosterone in the male. The nut contains no cholesterol but they do have a lot of vitamin C and vitamin A as well as a lot of iron and calcium.

Here is a Great Recipe That Can Help Stay Erect Longer:

Take a cup of roasted dry pistachio nuts without shells and add an equal amount of honey. The honey should be from bee sources that were able to collect their pollen from natural sources. Mix everything carefully and keep in the sunlight for a week. After a week’s exposure, the combination product is ready.

Pistachios contain food that helps how to stay erect longer due to its eighteen essential proteins, its vitamins C, Vitamin A, vitamin D and Vitamin E, Thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin K and Vitamin B6.

There are hosts of excellent minerals in pistachios and when combined with honey, it becomes an extremely well-enriched food that benefits the circulation, making for hard erections. A man can learn how to stay erect longer after trying this combination.

When and How to Eat the Honey-Pistachio Elixir

Take a single tablespoon per day in the morning. You can eat it alone or mix it with vanilla or unflavored yoghurt. You will learn how to stay erect loner and will have a healthy libido with rock-hard erections.


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